About the Study

Researchers at the University of Colorado are doing a research study to learn about the relationship between sleep and glucose levels during pregnancy. The information obtained from this study will help us to understand the relationship between glucose and sleep in pregnant mothers.

What happens if I join the study? 

·     You will wear a monitor to measure your glucose and another monitor on your wrist to measure yoursleep for 3 nights in your home.

·     Your meals will be provided for you for 2 days.

·     You will be asked to test your blood glucose 4 times per day and complete several questionnaires.

·     You will undergo an oral glucose tolerance test. 

·     We will measure you and your infant’s body composition at 2-4 weeks of life.

Who can join the study?

Pregnant women who:

·      Are 32-34 weeks pregnant

·      Are willing to wear monitors to measure their sleep and glucose for three nights

·      Are between 20-39 years old

·      Are NOT taking blood pressure medications

·      Passed test for gestational diabetes

·     Have no diagnosed sleep disorders and do NOT work the night shift


Interested in participating in this research study? Tell us about yourself here.


Funded by The Center for Women's Health Research, CCTSI, Universtiy of Colorado College of Nursing

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sarah S. Farabi, PhD, RN

Approved by COMIRB #16-2568