Our research is based out of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. We utilize the state-of-the-art facilities at both the University of Colorado Hospital and the Children's Hospital Colorado for our research procedures. To learn more about these procedures and the medical technology used during these studies, please visit Study Procedures

Our Bionutrition Kitchen

The Nutrition Service Center at the University of Colorado Denver provides nutrition research expertise and support to our clinical research studies.  The Nutrition Service Center is comprised of scientists and nutritionists with extensive experience in nutrition and metabolism and food service staff trained to prepare and distribute meals from the on-campus commercial, metabolic kitchen.


Examples of Meals for our CHOICE Diet Study

Many potential participants want to know what kind of food they will be receiving in the gestation diabetes CHOICE diet study. Here is an example of some of the meals we would put in a 3 day pack out for a participant.

3 day packout example.JPG

Here's an example of a full 3 day pack out! Each meal is packaged individually and labeled by day.

lunch example (2).JPG

Lunch example- Pasta, veggies, fruit, and a roll

dinner example.JPG

Dinner example 2- Chicken, mashed potatoes, and pound cake

Breakfast example (2).JPG

Breakfast example- Bacon, cheese, eggs, a waffle, and grapes

dinner example (2).JPG

Dinner example- Rice, chicken, beans, veggies, and grapes



Our Labs 

Our team utilizes labs in both the pediatric nutrition division and the endocrinology division. We use these facilities to begin the analysis of biological samples that we receive from our participants. The lab side of our research helps us learn more about the biology of pregnancy, gestational diabetes, and infant body composition.