About the Study

We are currently enrolling research participants in a breast milk study in women who are overweight or have diabetes. Researchers at the University of Colorado are doing a research study to learn how maternal size and diabetes status may affect breast milk. Further, these researchers want to learn why some infants gain weight fast and what parts of breastfeeding may help prevent this. This study is funded by the American Diabetes Association.

What happens if I join the study?

·     Your care will involve 2 visits during your pregnancy and 6 visits during your baby’s first year of life. 

·     We will collect blood, stool, and a small amount of breast milk from you.

·     We will measure you and your infant’s body composition and your baby’s growth.

·    You will be asked to complete several questionnaires on your diet, health, and  physical activity and  your baby’s breastfeeding habits.  

·    Financial compensation for participation will be given. 


Who can join the study?

Pregnant women who:

·    Live in the Denver Metro Area.

·    Are between 20 and 35 years old.

·    Are planning on exclusively breastfeeding their infant for at least 4 months.

·     Are planning to deliver their baby at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH).

·     Are overweight or have gestational, type 1, or type 2 diabetes.

·      Are planning on staying in the Denver Metro Area for 1 year postpartum.


Interested in participating in this research study? Tell us about yourself here.


Funded by the American Diabetes Association

Principal Investigator: Dr. Nancy Krebs, MD, MS

Approved by COMIRB #12-0629